Increase access to affluent, luxury customers. Early efforts are focused in South Korea with plans to expand in the Asia-Pacific Market. Our syndicate network of popular shopping sites, apps, and valuable influencers provides powerful Brand presence and incremental revenue attribution for US Retailers. 


South Korea eCommerce Outlook

South Korea eCommerce Ranks in the Top 7 Globally, and top 3 in Asia-Pacific. B2C Spending is Positioned for Growth, Making South Korea a Very Attractive Market for US retailers.

Customer Profile

Consumers in South Korea are globally advanced in their adoption rate and trends for Online and Mobile usage. Currency is strong, consumers have high interest in Luxury, and there is a profound emphasis on receiving value for money.

South Korea is a market in which Luxury goods come at an exceptionally high price. Customers are very deliberate shoppers, seek bargains, and have long been using US retail sites as a means to obtain prices much lower than they have access to in their own country.

DealsPlus Asia enables presence for US retailers, by providing integration with popular shopping sites, apps, and influencers, with which customers have invested their loyalty and purchasing behaviors.




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